Parish of San Stino di Livenza

Community Of Seven Sisters

Historical Notes

It is said that the famous name “the Seven Sisters” is born from a marriage of 1432 when N. H. Polo Venier, a venetian noble, the mayor of Motta di Livenza, he married a noblewoman of Pasqualigo and by this union were born six daughters and one male called, according to tradition, “The Seven Sisters”.

All of these children follow a lineage that between weddings and heritage various you arrived to the mid-Seventeenth century to about 6000 fields that formed the Marsh of the Seven Sisters and around the area of San Stino di Livenza.

The Marsh was reclaimed starting from half of 1600, to be completed between the first and the second world war; the result was approximately 3000 hectares which, thanks to a complex system of scooping were made dry, and arable.

A big contribution to the reclamation of these marshes was given by the family Agazzi through the channel with the same name picked up from 1680 onwards the waters campaigns in order to download them in the rivers Lemene and Fosson.



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