Parish of San Stino di Livenza

Community Of Seven Sisters



Don Giuseppe Gardonio, parish priest of San Stino di Livenza for fifteen years (1942-1958), from immediately after the war he did his utmost to acquire the necessary land for the erection of the church of the Seven Sisters in a central location of the reclamation, that is, in the locality of “Aeneas”, in the vicinity of the building owned by the Consortium in which, moreover, has long enjoyed a room of mq 9x4 for the religious assistance of the inhabitants, scattered in the territory.

Obtained the various contributions on the part of the owners of the funds, dated August 12, 1950, with a total spending of 245,000 lire was the purchase of square meters 6630 of land in the place desired.

She then served as an fast paced action in respect of the land reclamation, so you study the best way to do a work of charity of the community”. In 1952, a thirty-owners, including the most wealthy, took a written commitment to pay for the new church, an annual sum proportionate to the acres held for a term of five years. Also the small owners, with in-kind, did their part.

The tragic and untimely deaths not allowed to don Gardonio to see realized in the work for which he was much given to do. What he had sown bore fruit some years later with mons. Giuseppe Bortolin, his successor.

On the project of the geom. Linen Clementi, the works entrusted to the undertaking Luigi Bernardini, began in February 1970. Sunday 6 September of the same year the church dedicated to St. Pius X was blessed by the bishop of Vittorio De Zanche.

Completion works were carried out at the time of don Umberto Marcuzzi and in June 1973 took over the mons. Bortolin ( the creation of a large room by closing the perimeter of the ground floor, paving, accommodation of the outside square, the erection of trellis for the bell, ....)

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